Friday, August 14, 2009

Healthy Ice-Cream?

Do you remember the days of the hand cranked old-fashioned homemade ice-cream that had the most wonderful creamy taste? My mouth waters just to think of it and wonder why it is a lost tradition.

In my opinion ice-cream is a healthier dessert to eat since it contains no flour, gluten, and if made with few ingredients is a worthwhile splurge in moderation. One brand I discovered several years ago is a small family company in Santa Barbara called McConnell’s. Their ice-cream is made with very few and fresh ingredients and is sold at Whole Foods.

Recently Haagen-Dazs started making a new ice-cream called “Five” that tastes almost homemade and contains just five ingredients. The vanilla bean contains: skim milk, cream, sugar, eggs and vanilla. I tried the vanilla and coffee this past weekend and was surprised at how a satisfying a few bites could be. If you want to have ice-cream skip the ‘lite” fake fluff and enjoy the real deal.

The other healthy dessert I recommend is dark chocolate but let’s save that one for another day.

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